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Birds of a feather flock together
Рыбак рыбака видит издалека.

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth
Дарёному коню в зубы не смотрят.

A cat in gloves catches no mice.
Без труда не вытащишь и рыбки из пруда.

Dumb dogs are dangerous.
Ср. Не бойся собаки брехливой, а бойся молчаливой.
В тихом омуте черти водятся.

Catch your bear before you sell its skin.
Не дели шкуру неубитого медведя.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
Лучше синица в руках, чем журавль в небе.

No bees, no honey: no work, no money.
Нет пчёл, нет мёда: нет работы, нет денег.

Sweet as honey.

Busy as bee.

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The task for all groups is to find proverbs and poems about nature and animals, and to make crosswords.

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Idiom Quiz: Animals. Nature.

1. it's raining cats and dogs
It's raining cats and dogs, so
a) watch out for falling animals
b) make sure you take an umbrella
c) keep your pets aside

2. a night owl
Cassandra is a night owl, so she doesn't usually get up until about
a) 11 a.m.
b) 11 p.m.
c) 7 a.m.

3. a whale of a time
Ollie said he had a whale of time at the jazz festival and he
a) wishes he hadn't gone
b) wants to go again next year
c) probably won't bother going again

4. a wolf in sheep's clothing
We realized the teacher was a wolf in sheep's clothing when he
a) was seen smoking a sigarette in a bar
b) was given the "Teacher of the Year" award
c) was arrested for abusing one of his student

5. eyes like a hawk
Which of these people would need eyes like a hawk?
a) a pilot who searches for lost people
b) a sound engineer who records music
c) a chef who makes cakes and desserts

6. kill two birds with one stone
Sandra killed two birds with one stone by going to Paris. She practiced her French before her exam and she
a) got better speaking French
b) read a book on French history
c) went to her friend's wedding

7. let the cat out of the bag
After Julie let the cat out of the bag,
a)everybody laughed
b) we all knew
c) they ran after her

8. like a fish out of water
Jack went to the party, but he felt like a fish out of water because
a) he was tired of eating meat and chicken
b)he'd forgotten to teke his swimmimg shorts
c) he was the only Mexican guy there

9. quiet as a mouse
Kate is as quiet as a mouse. Are you sure
a) mice are really that quiet?
b) she is making some noise?
c) she is in her room?

10. sick as a dog
Gerry is sick as a dog, so he should
a) go to see a vet
b) go to a hospital
c) get a new dog

11. take the bull by the horns
The team wasn't playing well, so the coach took the bull by the horns and
a) sacked several senior players
b) told everyone he was doing his best
c) asked the players to try a bit harder

12. the lion's share
The lion's share of the zoo's budget was spent on
a) the lions
b) the salaries
c) the tea and biscuits

13. the rat race
Tom wants to get out of the rat race because
a) he hates rats
b) he doesn't really like racing
c) he doesn't like the person he's becoming

14. make a mountain out of a molehill
I made a mountain out of a molehill when a taxi driver took a slightly longer route to make more money, and I
a) didn't realise until after we'd arrived
b) took his name and reported him to the company
c) knew what he'd done but didn't say anything

15. a ray of sunshine
The kids in the hospital had a ray of sunshine in their lives when
a) some famous footballers visited them
b) they were taken to sit outside in the sun
c) the nurses checked their blood pressure

16. beat around the bush
It's hard not to beat arund the bush when you have to
a) put out a bushfire
b) give someone some good news
c) tell someone some bad news

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Group Work in Forms 9a and 9b.

Groupwork on the project has begun. We are working on the following topics:
1. Environmental Problems.
2. Strange...but true.
3. Nature Centres in Estonia.
4. Elistvere Animal Park.
5. Amazing Facts.
6. The Disappearing Honeybee.

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The Results.

Результаты соревнований в Миксике.

В соревновании "Plants" участвовали 39 человек.
1 место - Щипачёва Алина 9в
2 место - Гаврин Даниил 9а
3 место - Качурова Юлия 9а

В соревновании "Animals, birds, insects" участвовали 56 человек.
1 место - Щипачёва Алина 9в
2 место - Качурова Юлия 9а
3 место - Гаврин Даниил 9а


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Learn some idioms based on animals and nature with your teachers and in this blog and then take part in the Quiz(26.02-4.03)

четверг, 19 февраля 2009 г.

Soon will be an idioms quiz!!!

(pictures taken from www.google.ee)

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Competitions! Quizes! Games!

16.02-25.02-take part in Miksike competitions on www.miksike.net (keelemiks-упражнения-"Animals. Birds. Insects" and "Plants". Play and win!

Also play the game "Nature around Us" in this blog and be the fastest!!!

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Idioms based on Animals.

These are English idioms based on animals or animal behaviour.

(it's) raining cats and dogs
You can say "it's raining cats and dogs" if it's raining very hard.

a night owl
You're a night owl if you like to stay up and do things late at night.

like a fish out of water
You feel like a fish out of water if you're surrounded by people who are different to you, and it's making you feel a little uncomfortable.

a whale of a time
If you have a whale of time, you have a great time and really enjoy yourself.

a wolf in sheep's clothing
A wolf in sheep's clothing is someone who seems to be a good person but is really a bad person.

eyes like a hawk
If someone has eyes like a hawk, they have very good eyesight and they noticed everything.

kill two birds with one stone
If you kill two birds with one stone, you achieve two things with the one actions.

quiet as a mouse
If you're as quiet as a mouse, you're very quiet.

let the cat out of the bag
If you let the cat out of the bag, you let someone know a secret.

sick as a dog
If you're as sick as a dog, you're very sick.

take the bull by the horns
If you take the bull by the horns, you deal with a problem or a challenge in a direct and fearless way.

the lion's share
You can say something is the lion's share if it's the biggest share or portion of something.

the rat race
The rat race is the highly competitive and stressful world of work and business.

(taken from www.englishclub.com, www.google.ru pictures)

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Idioms based on Nature.

These are English idioms based on Nature and natural phenomena.

a drop in the ocean
If an amount is a drop in the ocean, it is a very small portion of the amount that is needed.

a ray of sunshine
Something is a ray of sunshine if it brings happiness to someone.


at sea/all at sea
If you are at sea, or all at sea, you are confused about something and not sure what to do.

beat around the bush/beat about the bush
If you beat around the bush, or beat about the bush, you don't say something directly, usually because you don't want to upset the person you're talking to.

can't see the wood for the trees
If you can't see the wood for the trees, you can't see the whole situation clearly because you're looking too closely at small details, or because you're too closely involved.

make a mountain out of a molehill
If you make a mountain out of a molehill, you make a small problem seem to be a much bigger problem.

reach for the moon/reach for the stars
If you reach for the moon, or reach for the stars, you are aiming to achieve something great.

under a cloud
If someone is under the cloud, they are suspected of having done something wrong.

weather a storm
If you weather a storm, you survive a dangerous event or deal with a difficult situation.

(taken from www.englishclub.com)